martes, 25 de abril de 2017

The five kingdoms

Las pasadas semanas mis alumn@s de Natural Science realizaron unas maravillosas exposiciones en su tarea final del tema de los Reinos Animales.
Se reunieron en grupos de 4 ó 5 y se pusieron manos a la obra. Tanto las exposiciones como los murales, todo ello en inglés, quedaron maravillosas.

¡Enhorabuena chic@s!

viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

eTwinning Spring Campaign

eTwinning is launching the eTwinning Spring Campaign with an online game in which eTwinners can participate and win prizes. The theme for 2017 is 'Inclusion'. Take part in the 'Online Quest' retrieve the prism of inclusion and save the humanity.
Good luck everyone!

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The hashtag on Twitter is: #Prismofinclusion


Steps to register in the Campaign
eTwinning Spring Campaign

jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Countries of Europe

In classes 4a and 4b we have recently been studying the main countries of Europe. We have been describing and explaining facts about each country. The countries we have been focussing on include France, Spain, Italy, Demark,Germany and Portugal.

We then created a flipbook of the main countries in europe. I have posted a great example of one of the childrens flipbooks below. On these flipbooks we included information such as the flag colours, capital, currency, language, population, close countries and famous monuments.

The children, then prepared some presentations, posters and Padlets on different countries in Europe. These works were very good and informative. Some groups created performances were they would move around the class room and pretend to be on a guided tour of a country visiting the famous landmarks. The presentations included information about the famous food dishes as well as famous things to see in each country.

If you are interested in learning more about the different countries of Europe I have attahced a very good link that children have been using for these project with resources and the Webquest as a guide about this topic!
Children also had the opportunity to develop the critical thinking challenge with a game "the Mystery Country", similar to "Mystery Skype". In this case, children by groups had to guess the country by asking yes or no questions. This way they developed geography skills, listening and speaking skills, how to use and find information, collaboration and communication.